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Other Alloys

Grades we supply

Alloy 286, Alloy 80A, C276, XM19

Other Alloys information

These are just a selection of the various metals grades we can supply which are not mentioned elsewhere.

Alloy 286: This is a precipitation hardened austenitic steel which is used in most high stress components. The usual grade supplied is 660. . Popular for the Fastener and Oil and Gas Industries especially, applications being pins, nuts, bolts and fasteners and shafts.

Alloy 80A: An alloy used much in Power Generation. Components include discs, rings, blades in Nuclear Power Stations. Also has Motor industry use for such as exhaust valves in internal combustion engines.

C276: Regarded highly for its corrosion resistance especially in a wide range of aggressive media. Used in chemical processing, pollution control, paper production, and sour service. Applications include stack liners, ducts, heat exchangers.

XM19: This is a highly weldable and nitrogen strengthened material. It possesses twice the strength of stainless 316 and is equally corrosive resistant. It is a non-magnetic steel and is used for marine shafts, pumps, valves and fasteners.

Typical Supply Sizes

Round Bars – generally from 12.7mm dia to 300mm dia

Typical Mechanical Properties (bar)
Grade Condition Tensile min (Mpa) Yield 0.2 % (Mpa) min Elongatio n % min Red of Area % Hardness (max)
286 Sol Ann Aged 1000 724 15 25 35 HRC
80A Sol Ann Aged 1000 620 20 20 -
C276 Sol Treated 690 283 4 - -
XM 19 Ann 690 380 35 55 293 HB

The above figures represent typical values and are for guidance and information only and should be regarded as such.

They are not guaranteed nor intended as warranties of suitability for any applications noted. Other expected mechanical properties will of course be determined by differing sizes and heat treated conditions.