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Nickel Alloys

Typical grades we supply

Alloy 400, Alloy K500, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, Alloy 800, Alloy 825

Nickel Alloy information

These alloys are used for a wide variety of applications. The main usage for these alloys, requires heat resistance and / or corrosion resistance and some other physical properties. Therefore Nickel Alloys are alloyed with other elements in varying percentages and are subjected to various heat treatments to achieve differing properties depending on the required application.

Just some of the more common grades we supply are:

Alloy 400: This alloy provides excellent resistance to neutral and alkaline salts. It has moderate strength and is weldable.

Alloy K500: A material ideally suited in non-oxidising environments. Used in the Marine industry for propellers, shafts, and valves. Extensively used in sea water conditions. Applications in the Oil and Gas sector include pump shafts and valve stems.

Alloy 600: Provides good resistance in many severe corrosive conditions. Is a non-magnetic material. Used in aerospace, chemical and nuclear processes.

Alloy 625: This is a highly corrosive resistant material and is used for valves and pumps in low temperature environments. Also has uses in high temperature applications such as motor sports.

Alloy 718: Suitable for many industries in a a range of heat treated conditions. A prime grade for the Oil and Gas sector but also used in Fastener, Valve and General Engineering. Applications include wellhead components, valves, pumps, nuts, bolts and fasteners.

Alloy 800: A material offering excellent creep strength at temperatures above 700c.

Alloy 825: High resistance to many oxidising environments including nitric acid and oxidising salts. Is suitable for the Chemical and Petrochemical processing sectors for fabricated equipment.

Other Nickel Alloy Grades: On application

Typical Supply Sizes

Round Bars – generally from 12.7mm dia to 300mm dia

Typical Mechanical Properties in the condition noted (bars)
Grade Condition Dia (mm) Tensile min (Mpa) Yield 0.2 % (Mpa) min Elongation % min Red of Area % Hardness HRC (max)
400 Ann - 480 170 35 - -
K500 Sol Ann Aged >25 24-110 110-300 900 620 20 - -
600 Ann - 550 240 30 - -
625 Ann - 827 413 30 - 35
718 Sol Ann Aged - 1034 827 17 25 40
800 Ann - 517 207 30 - -
825 Ann - 586 241 30 - -

The above figures represent typical values and are for guidance and information only and should be regarded as such.

They are not guaranteed nor intended as warranties of suitability for any applications noted. Other expected mechanical properties will of course be determined by differing sizes and heat treated conditions.