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Copper Nickel Alloys

Grades we supply

70/30, 90/10

Copper Nickel Alloys information

We have access to many grades in Copper Nickel and the following are just two of the general grades available. Please contact us for any specific grade you require.

70/30: This is a 70% copper and 30% nickel alloy grade which has added iron and manganese. It is used for more demanding applications than 90/10 material. It is resistant to corrosion and offers increased strength over 90/10.

The most popular specifications covering this alloy are CN107 and C71500 designations. The naval specification, NES 780 (or DEFSTAN -02-780) gives tighter controls on impurities and mechanical properties along with a required impact value. Used for marine flanges and fittings, valve bodies, pumps, chemical engineering components.

90/10: Comprising 90% copper and 10% nickel, this grade also has small additives of iron and manganese which enhances its corrosion resistance.

Together with a high ductility and toughness puts this in high demand for more standard uses in the chemical, marine, offshore and petrochemical industries. Within this grade, popular specifications include C70600 and CN102.

Typical Supply Sizes

Round Bars – generally from 12.7mm dia to 220mm dia

Typical Mechanical Properties (bar)
Grade Tensile min (Mpa) Yield 0.2 % (Mpa) min Elongation % min Hardness Range HB
70/10 310 - 27 80-120
90/10 280 105 27 70-120

The above figures represent typical values and are for guidance and information only and should be regarded as such.

They are not guaranteed nor intended as warranties of suitability for any applications noted. Other expected mechanical properties will of course be determined by differing sizes and heat treated conditions.